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Kataragama temple


Kataragamam temple (Sinhala: කතරගම, Tamil: கதிர்காமம் Katirkāmam) in Kataragama, Sri Lanka, is a Hindu and Buddhist temple complex dedicated to Skanda-Murukan also known as Kataragama deviyo.

Tirukkovil Citra Velayudha Swami Kovil


Tirukkovil Citira Velāyuta Cuvami Kōvil is situated on the Eastern coast about sixty kilometres south of Batticaloa. It has a very ancient past and is categorised as the first Tiruppatai Kōvil.

Dandamalai Murugan Temple


Tantamalai Murukan Temple is situated in the south of the Eastern Province is about twelve miles west of Kokkatticōlai Tāntōnricivaran Temple, with which it has administrative links.

Mandur Sitthandi Verugal


Cittira Veleyuta Cuvemi Kovil is situated at the banks of the river Verukal at Killivetti in Trincomalee district. It is a temple of ancient legend with a fascinating history.

Sitthandi Murugan Temple


Cittānti Murukan Temple is one of the newly added Tiruppatai Kōvil in the Eastern region which, like any other temple in the Eastern Province, was initially patronised by the Veddas.

Mandur Kandaswamy Temple


The Mantūr Murukan temple is situated along the Batticaloa lagoon, about 20 miles south of the Batticaloa town. The temple is popularly known as Tillai Mantūr or Cinna Katirkāmam (‘Little Katirkāmam’).

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