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Katirkamam: Lord Skanda’s Abode

By Dr. (Mrs.) Vimala Krishnapillai
From Hindu Voice May-June 1993

Katirkamam is one of the rare places on earth, where grace descends in abundance. The mystery of this unseen power pervading this holy sanctuary cannot be unraveled by our fragmented intellect. What is required on our part is simple faith and devotion to receive the grace of the Lord of Katirkamam.

Kataragama Tevayani Amman Temple: Its History and Traditions

By Swami Vigyananand and Patrick Harrigan
(Colombo: The Daily News of Wednesday July 24, 2002)

Historically Tevayani Amman (Sanskrit: Devasenā) and her traditions hail from North India where they are associated with Hindu monks of the Dāsanāmi Order founded by Adi Sankaracharya in the 8th Century AD. Myth and history combine to explain how Thevayani Amman came from North India to Kataragama to recover her wayward husband Lord Murugan.

Teyvani Amman Temple festivities at Kataragama

Centre stage of the annual Kataragama Esala festival shifts to Teyvani Amman Temple on the festival’s sixth day with the temple’s colourful Flag-Hoisting Ceremony. Recent improvements to the temple’s infrastructure, services and administration also have been drawing favorable notice from inmates and public alike.

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