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The Buddhist Tradition

In the Buddhist tradition Kataragama is one of the sixteen sacred sites in the island. One of oldest monastic centres in the country was established there. From pre-Christian times it was the seat of the rulers of a minor principality.

How The Warrior God Helps The Faithful

by Aryadasa Ratnasinghe

(Colombo: The Sunday Observer of June 28, 1992)

God Kataragama is popularly known among the Hindus as God Skanda and the Saivites of South India call the god Subrahmanya. The other names applicable to the deity, as mentioned in the Hindu texts are: Kandasamy, Kadiradeva, Kadiravel, Tarakajit etc., and in the Hindu Puranas (ancient holy scriptures), the names associated with him are: Guha, Saktidhara, Gangaputra, Sarabhu, Yudaranga, Irjukaya etc.

Kataragama, A Blessed City

by Janani Amarasekara

Kataragama, Kacharagama or Kadiragama…whatever name you may call it, it’s a place of worship for all. People from all religions gather here to pray to the Kataragama Deiyo or God Skanda in the belief that their wishes would be granted.

Popular Sinhalese Religion

The Sinhala Buddhist lay community accepts a large body of beliefs and religious rituals that are tolerated by Buddhist monks and integrated into Sinhalese religion. Many of the features of this popular religion come from Hinduism and from very old traditions of gods and demons. Sinhalese Buddhism is thus a syncretic fusion of various religious elements into a unique cultural system.

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